How I Spent 90 Minutes of My Summer Vacation.

I watched Christina Clausen’s entertaining and enlightening documentary “The Universe of Keith Haring.”  See the trailer.  Before watching the film I knew Haring only by his powerful, iconic images…I had no idea how prolific, committed and funny he was – there is significant footage in the film of Haring painting in different locations all over the world – he believed in accessibility to art (I like that).  The speed and confidence with which he could lay down lines was incredible and his ability to capture so much with simple line and blocks of pure colour…it’s the kind of stuff that looks so simple at first glance but becomes more complex and compelling as it starts to sink in.  It’s well worth a watch both for the wonderful art, quirky yet accurate take on political issues and a lesson on the power of social networking…Andy Warhol, Madonna, Grace Jones, and the list goes on.  90 minutes well spent.


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