Grouse Mountain’s New Landmark.

Jordan Milev

Vancouverites can now test their eyesight just by gazing at the distant Grouse Mountain. The ski trail and theĀ  lights are pretty easy to spot but there is already a feature that will require more than just a fleeting glance.

It might not be easy to spot, at least from the city, but it’s up there to stay. And to stand as a huge, landmark proponent for renewable energy and all things environmental.

Called The Eyes of the Wind, the 65-metres tall wind turbine will start to rotate at 260km/h at the tips, feeding electricity to the facilities perched on the top.

Now, aside from the usual crowd rushing up the Grouse Grind, expect eco-aficionados of all colours and shapes, including our very own Green Leader, who, I am sure, will be thrilled at the sheer size and beauty of it.

On my part, I am personally thrilled that Vancouver has set a prominent example looming high as a daily promise that one day we’ll be done with oil and coal.

I also couldn’t resist my designer itch to add a small touch to the Grouse Mountain logo…


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