Gregory Dillon – Wills Litigation: Brand Identity & Website

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis
Gregory Dillon Corporate ID

The future of legal practice is a topic of much discussion. The traditional law firm business model makes increasingly less sense for both clients and the lawyers involved. With this in mind, we are starting to see change from within the legal community. On this note, we have been very fortunate to work with Vancouver lawyer Gregory Dillon on his new corporate identity and website. Gregory, an experienced trial lawyer with over 12 years in private practice, combines the traditional values of a barrister with a business model that we think will become increasingly common in the years to come.

Gregory’s practice is client-centered, agile and targeted towards a wills litigation practice. Litigation is increasingly too complex to be successful as a generalist and clients understandably don’t want to subsidize their lawyer’s learning curve. Gregory’s practice relates exclusively to wills challenges. In other words, contesting or varying existing wills. With an aging population and a relatively recent Wills, Estates and Succession Act, many clients will be looking for this legal skill set.

Our corporate identity package incorporates a traditional quill; wills being one of the only remaining documents that need to be physically signed. The colour palette (blue and grey) is crisp and modern without being bland.

Dillon Law Website is built on the WordPress CMS to easily incorporate changes. The website outlines his practice, contact information, and the different grounds for contesting wills in British Columbia. The site is designed to be clean, to-the point, and capable of supplying all the necessary information without burying a visitor in text. You can find the site here.


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