Googling Your Name or How to be Awesome

We will be discussing SEO on this blog over the coming weeks. While the best starting point is with Google, we do have our own thoughts and recommendations to add to the discussion. The world of SEO consulting can be a very shady business and we feel that it is better to make our positions public rather than pretend we have some magic formula that we’ll relay if and only if you sign a 1 year SEO contract.

While the point of SEO is to draw clients to your business (the goal of marketing generally), the subsidiary consideration is that you probably want to be awesome. Most people will admit to having googled their own name at least once. The process can be a voyage of self-discovery. Accordingly, we were very pleased to run a search for Skunkworks client David Bilinsky and see that the first headline read “Dave Bilinsky is Awesome.” It flows from a comment made by Nicole Garton-Jones of Heritage Law on Vancouver Buzz.Screenshot of Dave Bilinsky is Awesome

The upcoming posts will shed light on how you too can be awesome…or at the very least how Google will come to its own conclusions.


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