Google Wave – Have You Heard of It Yet?

When it comes to Google’s pioneer ideas and solutions, you can never have enough. Every couple weeks you hear of a new speculation or a beta version of a new service they are preparing to launch. Well, the most recent promise I have come across is Google Wave, a new service that combines e-mail, instant messaging, blogging, document sharing, wikis, and multimedia content to provide a seamless communications platform.

As of yet, only 100,000 people were invited to play with the new toy, but Macworld lists 5 reasons why we should be looking forward to this new creation:

  1. Single point of access
  2. Next-generation communication
  3. Real-time sharing and collaboration
  4. A life of its own
  5. It’s in the cloud

Do you think this is going to change how people communicate, or this is just another parallel universe which only a few of the tech-savvy people will be actually using?

Personally, I will give it a try for sure, but I wonder if this will become the default internet messaging tool of the majority in the long-term future.


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