Google uses BMW to set an example on search engine optimization

Doug Jasinski

Search engine optimization – ensuring that your website shows up at or near the top of major search engines like Google for keywords important to your business – is a complex and constantly evolving field. One thing to keep in mind if you are getting involved in optimizing your firm’s site for the first time is that there are some tactics that are considered offside by Google, and you engage in them at your peril.
BMW, the maker of luxury automobiles loved by more than a few of our lawyer friends, found this out the hard way this week when it’s German website was de-listed from Google for apparently using what is known as a “doorway” page that contained the German term for “used car” more than 40 times. The page then redirected visitors to the BMW Germany homepage. According to a Reuters UK article yesterday, Google was upset because it saw BMW as trying to artificially attract used car buyers to its site. By today, however, the significant PR Google’s move attracted apparently had achieved its purpose, and BMW was allowed back into Google.

For information directly from the source, you can find Google’s information for search engine optimizers here.


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