Google My Business “Posts” – Another way to showcase your content

Marni Macleod


Google Posts are a new way for any business (including law firms) with a Google My Business account to showcase content that they want to appear on both Google search and map results.

After you’ve claimed and verified your Google My Business listing (and after you’ve updated your profile), you can use the platform as another way to leverage blog posts or other timely content. While it’s not yet clear whether this will have any impact on page rank…the point is that it’s another way to get your message out there to real people (not just search engine spiders).

Posts do disappear after 7 days so you’ll need to have a plan in place but it’s easy enough to incorporate Google Posts as another step in your overall social media plan.

I frequently get annoyed with Google for changing things constantly and zigging when I want to zag…but I like this new addition and I’ll be watching to confirm all the ways it can benefit our clients.

The backend is easy to manage and you can see how it looks on the front end in the image below. The Https post is from our Watercooler blog and you can cherry pick what content you want to appear there. As an aside, what you are seeing is our verified Google My Business profile. If you don’t see something like this when you google your business, you probably haven’t claimed and verified your Google My Business listing. You should do that. If you don’t know how, go here.

It’s unclear exactly how much visibility you can stand to gain from Posts, or how much their prominence in search results will leech traffic from other organic rankings. However, it’s clear that Posts could be a substantial benefit for local businesses willing to use them to promote events, offers, and news for their brands.

I think what’s most important to note here isn’t the potential benefit, but rather the minimal investment; these posts are a maximum of 300 words, don’t require much in the way of special optimization, and cost nothing to create. For that alone, they have decent potential to yield a positive ROI, and are worth pursuing if you’re a local business owner.

Source: Forbes


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