Google > Microsoft ?

Chris Botting

Are Google the next Microsoft? It’s certainly looking more and more likely as they make monthly inroads on our computers and phones with fast/free apps which take advantage of the Internet’s abilities. We have Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Video, Google Chrome, Google Android, Google Docs, Gmail and of course, how could we forget their market leading search abilities. I don’t know one person who doesn’t use Google for some aspect or another.

Well, we may all be getting a LOT more familiar with Google as they have just announced the first foray into building an entire OS for your home computer/notebook. The reason Microsoft should be a little scared? Google have a very good reputation for providing free/useful/productive software which will most likely translate into a solid OS which garners very high trust from the general public. Lots of people would gladly try out a competing OS to Windows or OSX if it’s free and intuitive, even our resident Apple-flavoured Bulgarian.

Apparently the new Google OS (entitled ‘Google Chrome OS’) will be hitting the public later in 2010 on small netbooks. It’ll be heavily web-based and light, meaning it’ll be extremely fast; reducing start-up times and increasing overall performance.

This should get very interesting. Straight from Google’s PR ‘”It’s our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be.” Game on.

Click here for a bit more detailed info.


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