Get LinkedIn. What it takes to make a compelling company page

With four million company pages on LinkedIn, the chances of becoming lost in an endless sea of business is heightened. But it’s also not unavoidable.

A company page is especially important if you have employees, regardless of the size of your business. Boost engagement by getting all hands on deck and remember the three step process to get the most juice out of the social media platform.

  1. Build a company page. Visuals and keywords are vital. The goal is to describe what you do and who your clients are, using SEO keywords. While keywords are important, remember that your page is being read by humans so don’t sacrifice readability for the sake of jamming in a few extra keywords.
  2. Interact with your community. Remember to share content that your audience will find valuable. Authenticity is key to building brand awareness, especially if you’re a service provider. The experience you offer that holds more worth than anything else. If you can drive this engagement then your LinkedIn page is already more compelling than the other 3.99 million on the platform.
  3. Measure your success. LinkedIn delivers data so you can see how your pages and updates are performing. If you’re up to date with this, then the less work you have to do in the future.

Whether you’re a solo-preneur, a small-business owner, or a hybrid (working for The Man and for yourself) LinkedIn is the ultimate way to build and promote your company.

Source: Forbes



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