Feldstein Family Law Group YouTube Channel

Jordan Milev

Skunkworks client Andrew Feldstein is no stranger to the media. Andrew appears regularly through various news outlets as a leading commentator on family law matters. His firm, Feldstein Family Law Group, is itself a powerhouse in offering web-based educational legal resources to the general public. In particular, the firm’s YouTube channel offers over 67 videos of Andrew and lawyers at his firm presenting on family law matters in Ontario.

Andrew approached Skunkworks with an impressive amount of content to be edited and transformed into bite-sized episodes for his YouTube channel. We have also added some additional production flourishes to ensure a consistent, professional feel for the new videos.

Demonstrating subject matter expertise is an excellent marketing approach for law firms and Feldstein Family Law Group’s ¬†YouTube channel provides a rich information resource for people in Metro Toronto or elsewhere in Ontario who are considering divorce or want to learn more about how family law issues are dealt with in that Province.¬†

Here’s a sample of the finished product.


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