Extrinsiclegal.com launches legal outsourcing consultancy website.

Marni Macleod

Extrinsiclegal.com is the online home of Extrinsic Law Firm Business Process Information Strategies & Support. Extrinsic is a Vancouver, BC-based legal services outsourcing company. Led by Lynda Roberts, MLIS, Extrinsic assists law firms in leveraging technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of legal services. To get the ball rolling Skunkworks helped Lynda develop a business name, and corporate identity including collateral pieces like business cards and a services brochure. Next, Skunkworks designed and launched Extrinsic’s WordPress-based website/blog. The site is set up to allow Lynda to provide information about the benefits of outsourcing and how Extrinsic can help law firms and lawyers enhance client service while improving the bottom line. The blog format will also allow her to update the site as new services come on line and provides a useful forum for Lynda’s clients to keep up-to-date with developments in legal information resources and knowledge management. Visit Extrinsiclegal.com.


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