Every picture tells a story: lawyer bio photos with a twist

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So…, what does the average law firm website bio photo of a lawyer say? Most often it says “I can wear an expensive suit and look serious”. The other 991 words that could be available to engage your audience and forge deeper relationships with your existing clients generally go to waste. But not always.
Today’s Globe & Mail carries a story about Calgary’s Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP. The firm’s website features bio photos of its lawyers along with some item that is meaningful to them. The items featured range from sports equipment (skis, tennis racquets) to an antique dictaphone – the images are instantly more engaging than traditional portraiture and they help to put a human face on the law firm.
Putting an authentic face on your firm’s lawyers is one way to contribute to the relationship building component of your marketing strategy. Many clients want to know something about their legal advisors. The more unusual photos are also guaranteed conversation starters. Moreover, distinctive images that reflect your firm’s personality can help differentiate your lawyers from the grey-suited hordes down the street. In professional services where there are few concrete and tangible markers upon which clients can base their assessment of your services, intangibles matter. Bio photos that stand out instead of fitting in are one such marketing tool.


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