Even Google is Not Immune…Apparently.

Marni Macleod

Ok, it’s just a silly little thing but after looking at countless law firm websites in search of my “picks” for best Canadian law firm websites as fodder for an article to be authored by Luigi Benneton and soon to appear in The National…I’d had enough of gavels, columns, scales and blindfolded statues for the day (maybe even the whole month).  I admit to being overly sensitive when it comes to the clichéd (dare I say hackneyed – yes, yes. I DO dare) images associated with “the law” to the point where I feel like I’ve had aversion therapy à la A Clockwork Orange.  So… imagine looking at sites featuring the heinous iconography from sea to shining sea for a whole bloody day and you about get how I was feeling.  Funny thing…even some sites that had great content, interesting imagery elsewhere and incorporated blogs or podcasts seemed to fall prey to GCS (Gavel & Column Syndrome). Anyway, I will stop whining now. In the course of taking a break I decided to Google something but I missed the “G” on Google and this is what popped up. For whatever reason…it broke the tension and I could blink once more.


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