Enhanced Campaigns Are Coming, Are You Ready?

On July 22, Google will be upgrading all AdWords accounts from the traditional format to new “Enhanced Campaigns”. Although many AdWords users have already made the switch to Enhanced Campaigns, we decided that a blog post was in order to assist any AdWords users that are feeling left out in the cold. This blog post highlights some of the changes that you can expect to encounter when your AdWords account is upgraded later this summer.

Account Management has been consolidated for Tablets and PCs

From a bidding standpoint, one of the most substantial changes resulting from the upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns is the consolidation of account management for tablets and PCs. Previously, AdWords users were able – and often encouraged – to create different campaigns for users coming into contact with their advertisements through different devices. The practice of splitting campaigns by device allowed users to implement different bidding strategies for ads targeting mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and desktops. Although Enhanced Campaigns still allow users to adjust their bids for mobile, users will no longer be able to adjust their bids specifically for tablets. Instead, tablets are – from the perspective of campaign management – virtually the same as laptops and PCs with the same bids targeting all three devices.  

Changing Mobile Bids through Bid Adjustments

In the past if you wanted to create a different budget for mobile devices you were forced to split out your campaigns by device. AdWords has decided to do away with this slightly obnoxious administrative task and now allows you to set different bids for different devices in the same campaign. Of course, tablets, laptops, and PCs are now lumped into the same category; so really you are only given the option of adjusting your mobile bid.

It’s important to note that bid adjustments in Enhanced Campaigns operate on a percentage system. For example,  if you want to spend $5 on mobile and your total budget is $10 you should decrease your mobile bid 50% as shown in the image below:

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 10.10.14 AM







If you want to spend $15 on mobile ads and your total budget is $10 than you should increase your mobile bid 50% as shown in the image below.

If you want to turn off mobile targeting entirely, as is often the case with Display Campaigns, you simply have to decrease your mobile bid by 100%.  

Customized Mobile Ads on Search

Enhanced Campaigns allow users to create search ads specifically for mobile devices. Thankfully, setting up mobile-optimized ads is incredibly straightforward. Simply set the device preference to “Mobile” when creating a new ad or editing an old one, as shown in the image below:

Sitelinks Gain Increased Power and Tracking

In Enhanced Campaigns, new functionality for sitelinks has made them increasingly important. Previously, AdWords users encountered difficulty tracking the success of individual sitelinks; which were only manageable at the Campaign level. In Enhanced Campaigns, users are given more granular control over sitelinks and are able to manage them at the Ad Group level.

In Enhanced Campaigns, you can also select the extensions that you want appearing in mobile ads. This feature allows advertisers to better target consumers based on their intent. Enhanced campaigns also allow users to change individual sitelinks without losing the statistical data for the entire group. This change is a significant improvement and will eliminate a lot of headaches for advertisers.

Moving Forward

Here are a few things you should do when your Legacy Campaigns automatically upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns on July 22.

  • Make sure your mobile bids are adequately adjusted to reflect your campaign goals.
  • Go through your campaigns and eliminate any overlap that may result when your campaigns are simultaneously upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns.
  • Explore the use of new sitelinks.
  • Create mobile optimized search ads.
  • Merge overlapping campaigns, by following the instructions outlined here.

For more information about Enhanced Campaigns, you can read this very helpful guide provided by Google.


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