Does your firm practice Pizza Law? (This is a trick question)

Doug Jasinski

It’s new, it’s lucrative, and it’s growing fast – the niche practice area of Pizza Law. Just ask the leading experts at Warwick-Seltz, pizza lawyers. Their firm website demonstrates their expertise in the area, showcases their many TV ads including pizza class actions, and has an innovative “Free Live Consultation” tool allowing you to ask Royce W. Warwick any question at all about your pizza law claim and receive an immediate response from the interactive video-conferencing web tool.
See it all at Warwick & Seltz website
Just one thing. It’s actually a clever viral marketing campaign for a pizza franchise that is very subtly worked into the site in a few small places. The fact that so much of the site appearance and content looks all-too-real should be a warning to lawyers and law firms everywhere. If you can see echoes of your own firm’s marketing on this website, be warned: your approach has officially moved into the category of cliche and is the subject of mockery. If too much of this looks like what’s happening at your firm, it’s time for a rethink of your brand.


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