Courthouse Libraries BC: Free Wi-fi Pilot Project Launched.

Doug Jasinski

In what will no doubt be an extremely popular move for many members of the bar, Courthouse Libraries BC has recently launched their Wi-fi pilot project in Vancouver (after an initial test with the North Vancouver and Victoria library branch locations). 

Future locations will include the Kamloops and Kelowna branches, followed by Prince George and Nanaimo branches some time in March this year. A plan is also underway to provide access (to lawyers only) at 222 Main Street for the Vancouver criminal bar.

The Wi-fi service at most locations will allow both lawyers and library users with internet access.   You can learn more via CLBC’s blog The Stream, and lawyers are encouraged to review the commentary around Wi-fi security on David Bilinsky’s Thoughtful Law Blog, which includes a detailed statement of CLBC’s thinking and commentary around the security and ethics issues involved with lawyer wifi use.


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