Content Marketing for Law Firms (Presentation)

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

Earlier today, Doug Jasinski and I gave a presentation on the topic of content marketing for law firms. The event was organized by Brian Mauch and his team at BMC Networks. Many thanks to BMC for the invite.

Content marketing is a fairly vast space and the presentation flew through some of the trends, platforms, and economics that have made “content” the hot topic in the marketing world. While law firms may adopt each emerging online platform, adoption itself does not answer the content question: “How can our firm find the time to produce high quality, timely, and relevant content?”

The demand for quality content relevant to the legal industry is one of the top requests from our clients. Considering that many lawyers lack the time to develop their own content, outsourced options are being considered. However, finding outsourced providers who can be trusted with nuanced practice-specific legal matters can be challenging.

For today’s presentation, we put together a Prezi that I have embedded below. While it lacks our witty banter and explanatory narrative, it does offer an overview of the topics covered.


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