Congrats to Penny Green and Bacchus Law Corp.

Jeremy Hessing-Lewis

We wanted to congratulate Skunkworks client Penny Green of Bacchus Law Corp. on her profile in this week’s issue of Business in Vancouver. While we can’t link to the article itself due to the unfortunate existence of a pay-wall, I did want to excerpt a brief passage:

Green attributes her company’s success, in part, to having children, which forced her to stay home and work.

“When I started having kids is when my law firm really took off, because I had to stay home, ” she said [Penny Green]….

“All of a sudden you’re grounded,” she says. “So, I just worked. When the kid was sleeping, I’d go upstairs and work.”

Let that be a lesson to all the naysayers out there in the legal community.

Penny previously worked at Lang Michener LLP (now McMillan LLP), where I once articled, and has helped RESAAS Services Inc. secure public financing. RESASS is a social network for the real estate sector and is down the hall from Skunkworks’ Gastown office. Vancouver tends to be a small world.


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