Cool thing of the day: Adobe Post 2.0

Tasked with creating social graphics and short on time? It might be worth checking out Adobe Post 2.0 – the latest release of Adobe Post. New features include: Custom sizes for popular social networks and auto resize (Hallelujah!) New toys in the form of filters for colours and text Language support for right to left […]

No longer the master of your domain?

I see a surprising number of client crises that bridge my marketing and legal careers. Where one fails to provide a solution, I can often rely on the other to find a way forward. Some problems, however, remain without either a technical or legal fix. Losing control of your business’ domain name is just such a […]

New Website for Cloverdale’s MacMillan Tucker & Mackay

The reason we don’t offer generic law firm website templates is because the firms themselves vary so dramatically. The personalities of the lawyers, the communities in which they practice, each firm’s history, and the demographics of their clients will always lead us in different directions. We think that law firm websites reflect the core values of […]

Short & Sweet Law Firm Names

At Skunkworks, we are keen followers of law firm naming conventions. I have previously posted some of my views on law firm names to this blog. I went with Small Law Corporation for my business law firm because I suspected that the Internet wasn’t craving a Hessing-Lewis branded firm. The politics would have been more […]

The New Digital Storefront

At the beginning of the 21st century, web programmers the world over were predicting the inevitable collapse of brick and mortar stores. In ten years time they assumed that the whole world would be purchasing virtually every item and service online. This optimism famously led to the gross overreach of companies like – whose […]

Sheffman & Company Launches New Immigration Law Website

We are delighted to announce that Sheffman & Company has launched a refreshed website at  We built Robbie Sheffman‘s original website back in 2010 when he opened his doors in Victoria as an immigration law boutique operating as the Robert S. Sheffman Law Corporation. At that point, Robbie had been successfully helping business and […]

New Website for Weary & Co

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Weary & Co, a law firm with a history going back 30 years in St. Albert, Alberta. Weary & Co wanted to create a distinctive website, accessible across platforms, that truly captured the St. Albert area. Modern Responsive Design In order to achieve a more modern feel, we […]

.Lawyer Domain Names

Lawyer Domain  Names We routinely advise lawyers on domain name selection. My boilerplate recommendations are: Think about your email address first and your website second; Don’t be a slave to search engine optimization (SEO); Don’t register dozens of domain names if you only need one; and Choose something distinguishable from your competitors. There are, however, […]


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