Social Media Rules and Legal Marketing Rules

Clio’s blog post is handy, but the Don’ts section should start with a directive to lawyers to “check the legal marketing rules applicable in your jurisdiction.” I can’t tell you how many times I see lawyers and law firms who breach the rules. This is usually because the marketing companies they have hired haven’t got […]

Know thy memes or how to avoid getting flamed on social.

Keith Ecker at Jaffe Associates underscores the importance of reviewing digital marketing materials for double or hidden meanings. While the internet is a powerful social communication tool, one could argue that it hasn’t done much to improve the manners (or compassion) of the participants in the millions of conversations that take place each day. The […]

Get LinkedIn. What it takes to make a compelling company page

With four million company pages on LinkedIn, the chances of becoming lost in an endless sea of business is heightened. But it’s also not unavoidable. A company page is especially important if you have employees, regardless of the size of your business. Boost engagement by getting all hands on deck and remember the three step […]

Fork out for Facebook? Ad strategies that work.

We all know that Facebook can be beneficial for businesses, worldwide. The combined use of creative and targeting on social media is crucial to market your brand, product and service. “In a basic sense, with better creative and better targeting, you have better performance.” With this comes the added responsibility of managing your conversion rates. […]

Have you done a privacy checkup lately?

When it comes to social media, we get a lot of questions from lawyers who are (rightfully) wary about what online platforms are right for them. Social media can be a useful business development tool but it is important to understand the pros and cons of any platform you decide to use. Every major channel […]

Two Things People Hate About Firms/Companies on Social Media

Hootsuite has an interesting article about how brands (for professionals think “firms”) operate on social media as opposed to individuals. The single biggest mistake for organizations is using it as a one-way publishing tool to promote your own material without ever offering up any deeper engagement with the audience. To use an analogy, don’t be […]

To (hash) tag or not to tag…that is the question

The answer depends, in part, on the platform you are using. For example, hashtags are not “clickable” on LinkedIn so there’s little point. The question to ask yourself is, I think, whether a hashtag adds any value for your reader. If it doesn’t, skip it. I often see posts on various platforms with a bajillion […]

What Does Microsoft’s Purchase of LInkedIn Mean For Lawyers?

Legal Technology elder statesman Bob Ambrogi ponders the implications of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn and raises potential privacy issues that would be of particular concern to the legal profession. It will be very interesting to see how this new corporate combination unfolds over time. On one hand, I see enormous potential to combine productivity, networking […]


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