BC Lawyers and Referral Fees

**Updated October 19, 2017, from a post originally written on the subject by Jeremy Hessing-Lewis in March 2012** Just about any lawyer will tell you that their best clients come through referrals. Referral relationships tend to be among a successful lawyer’s most valuable assets. However, members of the Law Society of British Columbia need to […]

Globe & Mail Columnist Gary Mason Reflects On What It Means To Be A Lawyer

An interesting article this week from Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason on his experience watching his son get called to the Bar of British Columbia. And kudos to David Crossin, Q.C., President of the Law Society of BC for a speech to the newly called lawyers that clearly made an impact. Lawyers, as a […]

Show Me the Clients: Connecting Law Firm Client Intake with Legal Marketing

In my experience, lawyers will happily spend money on marketing if it works. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of marketing has long been a matter of intuition. Most law firms lack meaningful metrics connecting marketing with client intake numbers. Without this data, law firms tend to make strategic marketing decisions based on what they see their competitors […]

The New Digital Storefront

At the beginning of the 21st century, web programmers the world over were predicting the inevitable collapse of brick and mortar stores. In ten years time they assumed that the whole world would be purchasing virtually every item and service online. This optimism famously led to the gross overreach of companies like pets.com – whose […]

Lawyer Personas

Shopify’s CEO, Tobias Lütke, touched-upon his frustrations with lawyers in his recent ROB profile: Nearly every lawyer he meets, for example, appears to be “the same 60-year-old, grey-haired, white guy,” regardless of the person’s actual age or gender. He actively discourages this kind of “persona” within the company. While I understand the criticism and how such […]

What to Wear – Fashion for Lawyers

Not Naked We all have to wear clothes to work. What we choose or are required to wear says a lot about our employers, our professions, our wealth, and social expectations. Many professions are defined by their clothes. Lawyers are traditionally included in this group, albeit not as obviously as fire-fighters or doctors. Lawyers generally […]

Lex Appeal – Can Sex Sell Legal Services?

Sex Sells Using sexually suggestive content to market products or services is as old as advertising itself. The truism of sex sells is pushed forward in advertising with every passing Super Bowl. Jeans and shampoo as sexualized products are standard fare.  The latest messages to be sexed-up include website hosting, cancer awareness, and coffee. When it comes to competing […]

Vancouver Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

Disclosure: Skunkworks works for Jarvis McGee Rice Trial Lawyers LLP on digital marketing efforts. Our cultural perception of lawyers is primarily based around US primetime television programming. Whether Law & Order, Suits, or Boston Legal, the public sees lawyers as being high-drama litigators. This despite the fact that in Canada, as in the US, most lawyers […]


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