What If Whiney Kids Had Lawyers?

A new parody ad from comedy moms “The BreakWomb” is both a sendup of legal marketing cliches and a roll-call of the complaints every parent knows all too well. Check out the video here. Parents know that kids can drive a hard bargain. But imagine if they had legal counsel aiding them in their negotiations. […]

Court Dresses As Disney Characters For 5 yr Old

In a month filled with American mass killings, Canadian hostage deaths and UK political assassinations, something a little more uplifting… Courtrooms are rarely fun places. Or so I imagine. But for five-year-old Danielle Koning, the courtroom just became the most awesome place ever. Source: Bored Panda  

wine + marketing + law = new blog

In addition to being a lawyer, a computer programmer and an SEO wizard, Skunkworks‘ Technical Director Mark Hicken is also an avid wine buff – indeed his unofficial title at Skunkworks is “Agency Sommelier”. Now he has combined that expertise into a new blog devoted to issues around the legal regulation and marketing of wine […]

Can Vancouver law firms function without coffee?

Can Skunkworks for that matter? Approximately 2 million residents of the Greater Vancouver area currently are under a boil water advisory (note: pdf file) as a result of a week of heavy rainstorms that have caused landslides into the local reservoirs. In practical terms, this means that local Starbucks outlets weren’t serving any coffee this […]

A Client Relations Refresher

Item 1.0: ALWAYS GET THE CLIENT’S NAME RIGHT. It is somehow very jarring to see or hear one’s own name misspelled, mispronounced or otherwise mangled. With a last name like Jasinski, I know this all too well. However, I was reminded of this small, obvious but nevertheless important point again this past weekend while reading […]

Do you work at an Anonymous Law Firm?

If you’ve ever worked in a large law firm as either a lawyer or legal marketer, you will be able to see the humour in the Anonymous Law Firm website. Warning: this is clever satire at its best and therefore only suitable for those prepared to laugh at themselves. As someone who regularly writes website […]


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