Canadian law degrees – LL.B. vs. J.D.

I’ve noticed a number of news items in recent weeks about the emerging trend of Canadian law schools making a switch from the LL.B. to J.D. degree designations. U of T has been doing this for some time already. UBC has recently received approval from their Board of Governors to make the switch. Western is […]

Welcome LMA Toronto!

Good news for Ontario legal marketers – LMA Toronto is official. The Legal Marketing Association’s newest chapter marks its arrival with a launch event February 21, 2008 with a session on legal trends. Obviously I’m a bit biased as a past board member of LMA’s Vancouver Chapter, but there is no question in my mind […]

Legal Marketing Bootcamp: lessons on differentiating your law firm

The Canadian Bar Association and the Vancouver chapter of the Legal Marketing Association held their joint Legal Marketing Bootcamp seminar last friday in Kelowna. Although I was a speaker, I picked up a few great examples from the audience on what firms are doing to differentiate themselves. During our discussions, one person gave the example […]

Legal Marketing Association grants LMA Vancouver official chapter status

The Legal Marketing Association has approved LMA Vancouver as its first international chapter. The Legal Marketing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs and maintaining the professional standards of legal marketers. LMA has more than 2400 members from 43 US states and 11 countries. LMA Vancouver rolled out a number of events […]

Collecting magnets and avoiding lawyer hotels

Collecting magnets and building a culture that makes your law firm more than simply a “hotel for lawyers” were just two of the interesting ideas that emerged from the Legal Marketing Association’s Vancouver chapter inaugural event that took place on September 9, 2005. Approximately 80 people attended the half-day session that featured 3 distinguished speakers. […]

Marketing on the agenda at Halifax CBA Conference Sept 15-17, 2005.

A CBA conference on “Leading the Canadian Law Firm in the 21st Century” will feature a session on marketing. The CBA has pulled together a panel from diverse marketing backgrounds to discuss effective strategies for marketing legal services and provide advice on how to measure ROI for marketing initiatives. The session will also key in […]

Vancouver Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association set to launch September 9, 2005.

The Legal Marketing Association’s Vancouver Chapter kick-off event has now been set for Sept 9, 2005 at the Four Seasons Hotel. Speakers include Silvia L. Coulter, Managing Partner, Coulter Consulting Group, Roberta Montafia, Chief Marketing Officer, Day, Berry & Howard LLP, and Mark Greene, Managing Director, The Brand Research Company. For registration info contact Kevin […]

Canadian Law Society & Bar Association Rules Governing Lawyer Marketing

The American Bar Association has a very helpful interactive map on their website that links users to the relevant marketing rules for each U.S. jurisdiction. We thought “Hey, that’s pretty cool, we could use one of those in Canada too”. So we built it. A few links aren’t active yet as we wait to hear […]


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