Should Canadian Law Schools Specialize?

Interesting article in the Financial Post discussing the trend towards law schools in Canada specializing in certain niches – First Nations, Energy, et al. The trend is already well underway and perhaps already beyond the point of no return at this stage, but it raises the question for me of how well students entering law […]

Bad Idea Of The Day: Forging A Judge’s Signature To Improve Your Company’s SEO

According to reports in the Washington Post, Vice, and other media outlets, a jewelry company executive named Michael Arnstein filed a lawsuit to have allegedly defamatory online criticisms about his company de-indexed from Google listings and was successful in obtaining a court order to that effect. Google then dutifully removed the offending URLS listed in […]

Yahoo’s delayed disclosure of massive data breach prompts investigation

It just gets worse for Yahoo. A 2014 data breach that compromised at least 500 million user profiles has only been uncovered 2 years later. A pending investigation focusses on whether Yahoo actually let investors know soon after learning about the hack. Nothing groundbreaking has yet to be discovered, but it’s a shame that Yahoo […]

Are Law Firm Mergers Cost-Efficient? One Article, Two Views

The BC legal market has mergers on its mind this month following Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP’s announced hookup with Norton Rose Fulbright. Business in Vancouver has a timely article on the topic (fortified with a duly alarmist headline – “Could mergers sound death knell for regional law firms?”). You can find the link to […]

CLEBC Recognizes Contributors With List of Most Prolific Volunteers 1996-2016

It’s no real secret – much of the secret sauce in CLEBC’s success and continued relevance over the years has been the abundance of volunteer contributions from within the profession. The countless hours donated to the organization from all ranks of the legal community from young associates all the way to QC’s and the judiciary […]

A First Nations Art Work Stolen From UVIC Law Has Been Recovered

A firs nations cedar carving that was recently stolen from the UVIC Law building (my alma mater!) has been recovered by police after a mysterious “man in black” tossed the object wrapped in blankets in the doorway of a local business. Full story from CBC via the link below. The piece was commissioned by the […]

Netflix Choosing Technology Over Litigation

A very interesting read from Joshua Lennon, Clio’s Lawyer In Residence, comparing Netflix’s focus on better tech to manage copyright infringement issues and contrasting it with the more ham-fisted litigation tactics of the music industry suing thousands of their own customers as they scrambled to react to Napster and other music-sharing technologies. Many international Netflix […]


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