Brave New World: The Future of Legal Services?

Oddly enough, I was just talking about some of this stuff with a colleague who works in the knowledge management field for lawyers. I find it interesting that the one thing that threatens the future of the legal profession more than anything else, the fact most people cannot afford to hire a lawyer, is not […]

A longstanding battle: The lawyer vs. the law firm.

The fight for control between the law firm vs. the lawyer is ongoing. Lawyers have had a sense of autonomy for some time and, more often than not, have a sway in the firm’s strategic decisions, regardless of whether they are good or bad. In the coming years, a growing share of law firms’ revenue […]

Are Law Firm Mergers Cost-Efficient? One Article, Two Views

The BC legal market has mergers on its mind this month following Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP’s announced hookup with Norton Rose Fulbright. Business in Vancouver has a timely article on the topic (fortified with a duly alarmist headline – “Could mergers sound death knell for regional law firms?”). You can find the link to […]

Deep pockets and swanky offices. Are you curious to how lawyers spend their money?

I’ve always wanted to know how lawyers spend their money. Given private-practice firms are known for paying their team well, this article actually provides a little more insight. Does sensible spending make way for spend thriftiness later? It’s okay to admit it: most private-practice lawyers are well paid. But it can be hard to know […]


Law firms have historically been extremely hierarchical places. I do think that hierarchy is flattening out, but Matt Homann has correctly seized on one of the unfortunate anachronisms that still persists in many firms – the binary classification of people in the organization into a) “lawyers” and b) “everyone else”. Other degrees and other skill-sets […]

What Kind Of Restaurant Would Your Law Firm Be?

An interesting article from the ABA Law Practice division asks you to consider the restaurant business as a metaphor for law firms and to identify what type of business you would be running in that context. In my experience, most law firms would consider themselves the high-end type. That leaves gaps – and opportunities – […]

Toronto Legal Marketing Association Fall Conference – November 30, 2010

Tuesday November 30, 2010  marks the first full-day conference for the Toronto Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association. Themed as “The Changing Face of Legal Marketing”  (click the logo above for the conference program and details) the morning sessions are focused around social media with two highly recognized speakers, Mitch Joel and Adrian Dayton, while […]

Do Political Contributions Still Make Sense For Law Firms?

(Authors note: This article was first published on SLAW in May 2010. ) Earlier this month, British Columbia residents witnessed political awkwardness at a level unusual even by West Coast standards when a special prosecutor cleared B.C. Solicitor General Kash Heed of wrongdoing in a criminal investigation. Mr. Heed was re-appointed to cabinet later that day, […]


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