Pay for Google Maps? What?

So, you’ve caught wind of a rumour that Google is charging money for Google Maps usage? Don’t panic! It’s not what it sounds like. You will not need to pay to view or use Google Maps as a user. But if you have an app or a website that uses Google Maps intensively, Google will […]

Happy New Year. Are you “on trend” for 2018?

Making sure your site is Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP)-friendly, improved best practices to secure your online presence (and reputation), adding private client portals and small scale, client-specific marketing to the mix, and making better use of independent third party rankings and reviews all make good sense to me. Not so sure about the Internet of […] — Functional, Fast, and Modern

Taylor & Blair is a Vancouver-based personal injury law firm founded in 1993 by Graham Taylor and Kevin Blair. Skunkworks built the firm’s last website in 2006 and it served the firm well for over 10 years, or nearly a century in “web years.” The firm has 6 offices in the Lower Mainland, with most […]

A New Website for Simpson Thomas & Associates

Legal marketing is ultimately about connecting prospective clients with the right lawyers. We build websites without losing site of this goal. It helps that boutique law firms have a notable marketing advantage: they can tell prospective clients exactly what they do. Simpson, Thomas & Associates, ICBC claim trial lawyers with offices in Vancouver, Delta, and […]

Don’t Risk Irrelevance…Just Don’t.

I had to chuckle at Stephen Fairley’s description of the classic pairing, i.e., lawyers with really bad websites tend to be those who think online marketing is a waste of time and money…funny how that synergy works. To Stephen’s comments, I would add…and, they also tend to be the lawyers who refuse to invest adequate […]

Talk to Strangers and Increase your Visible Expertise

Nothing like a little survey research to reassure the folks slogging away in the content trenches that their blood, sweat and tears are well worth it. This recent survey of professional services firms, courtesy of Hinge Marketing, corroborates other data out there that suggests up to 85% of buying decisions (including retaining a professional service […]

Torys Takes A Fresh Approach with 2011 M&A Trends Video

There is no question the use of video online is expanding at a prodigious pace.  Nevertheless,  many lawyers and law firms are still wrestling with the question of how to make effective use of the format in a way that is both compelling for viewers, and yet still satisfies lawyers’ notions of professionalism and good […]

The “New” Marketing

[This article was originally published on in January, 2011] Lawyers frequently lament to me that they wish they could focus on the practice of law, rather than being perpetually barraged with new and un-billable marketing and technology demands. There is a palpable longing for the halcyon days when such a pure life was allegedly attainable. […]


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