Be Image Conscious: Using Images From the Web and Copyright

Tempted to enhance your blog posts, presentation or marketing project with images found on the web? Before you copy and paste STOP and  think about whether the image you want to use is subject to copyright. Don’t believe this is an important step? For an excellent case study on how failing to use properly licensed […]

The Deal with Fonts

Talk to any creative director or art director in the world and they will provide you with a litany of under appreciated design elements: from the proper use of negative space to the importance of adding appropriate texture. However, there is probably no element of design as under appreciated as font design. This is particularly […]

Rich Media Done Right

At Skunkworks we increasingly receive requests from law firms interested in creating YouTube video advertisements. As a result, we’ve invested a good deal of time familiarizing ourselves with the platform and producing videos. Generally speaking, these video ads have done quite well. Further, with a little foresight, you can get ahead of a legal trend and […]

Out of Stock

They are everywhere. From the bright-eyed models hocking cell phone plans to the classically styled courthouse steps and pillars that are ubiquitous on websites throughout the legal industry, stock photos abound. However, here at Skunkworks we are increasingly counseling clients towards custom photography. This is not to say that stock photography does not have its […]

“Agency, Rebrand Thyself!” (a.k.a. Eating Our Own Pudding)

When is it time for a marketing agency to rebrand itself?  For us, the answer is right now. I founded Skunkworks Creative Group thirteen years ago this month in the living room of my then bachelor apartment in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.  Back then it was a one-man show, focused on providing freelance copywriting services for […]

New Look and Website for Bankruptcy Trustee G Slocombe & Associates

Recently we had the pleasure of working with G Slocombe and Associates, licensed Trustees in Bankruptcy serving Vancouver Island and the Kootenay Region.  The firm offers full service insolvency & restructuring services. Dealing with unmanageable debts is an uncomfortable experience. Your options may seem like a bitter pill for your financial health.  Whether bankruptcy, consumer […]

The Risks of Redesign

The thing about change is that it is value neutral. Despite a commonly held assumption that change is for the better (see also progress), one of the risks of change is that things may actually get worse. This risk is certainly applicable to web design. In redesigning a website, what if you make it worse? […]

Advertising by the Seat of your Bike

One of the benefits of living abroad is being exposed to innovative ideas that are just waiting to be transplanted back to native soils. The question of “why don’t we do this at home?” is enthusiastically answered with “let’s do this at home!” Living in the United Kingdom (Oxford), I am particularly smitten with one […]


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