Murphy Battista LLP – BC Personal Injury Lawyers – Brand Refresh + New Website

Skunkworks has had the privilege of working with Murphy Battista LLP since 2012. Over these last 7 years, the firm has grown from 10 to 24 lawyers, added 3 new offices, and solidified its position as one of BC’s leading teams of plaintiff’s personal injury trial lawyers. While much has changed, Murphy Battista LLP’s focus […]

Programmatic Ads and Reputation Management – What you Need to Consider

I get the efficiencies to be gained through programmatic ads but I have never been very comfortable with this tool in the professional services context. Turns out I am not alone.   …. an online study of more than 300 senior marketing decision makers, along with perspectives from among the CMO Council’s membership…focus is on […]

Who are Your Buyer Personas?

How you use the trends identified will depend on knowing as much as you can about your audience. It’s no longer about you (it actually never was), it’s about them. People do not like content that is not relevant to them. Instead, content that is personalized and based on user personas is more likely to […]

Applying “Make Logo Bigger Cream” and Other Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship with your Creative Team

So, you’ve hired an agency to overhaul your website (or build you one from scratch). How do you get the most out of the relationship? This article, courtesy of the Icon Design Lab blog, provides some great tips that will help you communicate and work with your design team efficiently and effectively. If you have […]

Client News: December Holiday 2016 Edition

DECEMBER DIGITAL DESIGN December is here, which means two things, busy clients and the anticipation of holiday festivities. While each month in 2016 has offered up exciting challenges and design work, we’re happy to cap off the year with three website redesign launches. Two out of the three website redesigns feature a cinemagraph, which is […]

Client News: August 2016 Edition

August is finished, you say! How? Well, that’s easy, because that’s how calendar months work. In any case, this year is moving so fast it’s hard to imagine we’re way past the halfway mark. August, like most months here, has been especially eventful. Let’s dive into some notable events taking place in the Skunkworks office […]

Client News: July 2016 Edition

Summer has finally arrived and July in the Skunkworks office was a scorcher. Let’s fire up some notable events our clients have been involved in for the month of July. EVENTS Trial Lawyers Jarvis McGee Rice had a great start to the month with an open home event in their brand new office. We designed and coordinated […]

Evaluating Ideas To Improve Legal – Taking Off The Negative Filter

We have a running joke in our household that my former work as an insurance lawyer leaves me predisposed to look upon any glass as not just being half-empty, but also potentially filled with toxic fluid, dangling precariously near a ledge, and likely predisposed to explosively shatter in a way that will send lethal shards […]


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