Richmond BC Lawyers (Campbell Froh May & Rice LLP) Refresh

Marni Macleod

We are pleased to announce we have just launched a refreshed website for Richmond multi-service law firm Campbell Froh May & Rice LLP. The firm’s leadership has implemented a periodic website review process to ensure they stay current with their focus and to allow for keeping the site up to date with design trends. The former site was coming up on three years old so it was great timing to dive in and update the look, feel and functionality of the website.  The firm supplied us with content and custom bio images and we sourced appropriate imagery for the remaining sliders and banners.

We built the new site on a WordPress platform and provided the firm with a fresh “big picture” design complete with high contrast full width sliders and a clean and simple navigation menu.




Richmondbclawyers indexThe firm recently had their bio shots redone and we used the updated photos in a large thumbnail format for their lawyer index page and a larger in-office shot for their bio pages. We incorporated a tabbed system for the different sections of each bio and used custom fields to accommodate the unique features of each lawyer’s practice. One of the “must have” items on the list was the ability to add new sub-practice areas. To accommodate this we built in a full menu of sub-pages for each of their seven primary practice areas.  As they choose to put the sub-pages live they can be added to the relevant lawyer bios with a tagging feature built into the lawyer bio template. This feature makes updating the site fast and easy.

We are delighted with the clean look and feel of the new site and the user-friendly features.

View the full site here:



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