Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman: new website marries form and function.

Marni Macleod

Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman (commonly known as CFM) has a unique sense of style and boasts a reputation for being a litigation boutique that packs a wallop in the world of aviation law, class actions, product liability and public interest law. Led by well known Vancouver litigators J.J. Camp, Q.C., Joe Fiorante, Q.C., Sharon Matthews and Reidar Mogerman, the firm came to Skunkworks to help bring their website into line with the clean, modern design evident at their new offices and the vibrant personality of the firm. They were also lacking the tools to incorporate updates relevant to multiple sections of the site without having to edit individual pages.

Because of the requirement to publish ongoing developments regarding the status of class actions, the firm needed functionality that included the ability to post a case update on the Home Page and have it simultaneously added to the specific case page as well as an alphabetical list of developments in their class action practice. We were able to find the tools that they needed in the impressive library of WordPress plugins and so far everything appears to be working well.

While class actions are a significant part of the firm’s practice, the firm’s lawyers are also very well known as aviation and product liability litigators; so we incorporated a separate “News & Events” feature to allow them to highlight developments in these areas as well as their extensive activities in the area of law commonly known as public interest law. The firm’s lawyers and staff are also heavily committed to community development and access to justice issues, so this feature does double duty by promoting these activities as well. The green boxes in the following screen cap illustrate the multiple updates and News & Events functionality built into the site. Click on the image to englarge.

On the design side, we were provided with a working mockup of a logo that the partners liked and given access to great office interior photos from the firm’s interior design team. We also had the good fortune to be able to incorporate bio shots taken by Vancouver photographer Jonathan Cruz. I can’t stress enough that good photography is critical to your overall first impression on the web. Far too often too little care is taken in making sure the photo imagery on a site accurately captures the personality of the firm and its lawyers. We understand the need to trim budgets but given the importance of a website as a tool for creating a first impression, this is NOT the place to do it.  But I digress.  Access to great original photography coupled with a little research of our own into some appropriate stock images (soon to be replaced by actual case photos where possible) enabled us to put together a site design that matched the dynamic and fun (yes I did say fun while referencing a law firm) personality of this firm.

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