Calgary’s Sandra Sebree Law Corporation gets a new website.

Marni Macleod

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Calgary lawyer Sandra Sebree to brand her firm and develop her online presence. Sandra is a “people” lawyer meaning she is a common sense, down-to-earth lawyer who enjoys working with the typical legal issues that most people face during the course of their lives. As a result, she was keen to make sure that her brand and her website conveyed the message that she takes great care to fully understand the people behind each file and to tailor her legal services to their very specific individual needs. One of the keys to Sandra’s success is her warm and friendly demeanour. Her combination of personality and legal skill creates a safe haven for people facing legal issues without the benefit of any experience with lawyers or the legal system. Sandra also has extensive experience dealing with the special needs community including parents with adult, children with disabilities and elderly relatives. She also wanted to reassure clients that her practice was purposely focused on practice areas that she enjoys and in which she excels.  Further, she wanted to let her clients know that her team included highly experienced paralegals with long and successful track records dealing with wills, estates and real estate issues.

We wanted to give Sandra a brand that conveyed the key messages “you are welcome here” and “relax, you are in good hands”. 

For her corporate identity we chose a warm colour palette and took our cues from a particularly engaging photo that Sandra provided.

Identity Sandra Sebree


For Sandra’s website we elected to reflect her client demographic in the images and we helped her to develop a straightforward navigation focused on the key areas of her practice. We kept it simple and to the point and we are very pleased with the results.

Website Sandra Sebree

You can view the full website here:


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