BTM Lawyers: Good Advice. Close to Home.

Marni Macleod

We are very fortunate here at Skunkworks to work with clients who believe, as we do, in the value of differentiating themselves in their respective practices. One such client is BTM Lawyers of Port Moody. BTM wanted a website that visually identified them as a Port Moody-based law firm with big city design aesthetic and the ability to provide top quality legal advice and representation. Their tagline “Good Advice. Close to Home.” evolved out of the firm’s desire to position itself as a viable, local alternative to big firms in Vancouver and Surrey.

BTM Lawyers understands the value of embracing a mobile-friendly website and opted for a responsive website to optimize the user experience; whether that was on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The lawyers at BTM offer a full slate of personal law services including business, family and real estate law as well as offering a specific practice focused on plaintiffs personal injury law claims.

To achieve the goal of anchoring BTM firmly in the Port Moody community we set put to find the right large format image of their location (Suter Brook Village). We needed something that was both easy to recognize and, well…a cool photograph. We think we succeeded when we came across a photograph taken by Coquitlam photographer Ken Paul, but see for yourself.

Suter Brook Village

We also opted to use video footage of one of the local intersections (Ioco Road and Murry St/Guildford Hwy) to help clients visualize the firm’s location. Click on the graphic below to see the video effect.

Ioco Road

In addition to locating great imagery and video footage from the Port Moody community the firm also invested in getting professional large format photography of their lawyers. The images capture the style and personality of this committed group of up-and-coming young professionals.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.37.28 PMBTM Lawyers

The result is a website that is interesting from a design perspective while being informative, easy to use and responsive from a client perspective.

Explore Port Moody’s full service firm: BTM Lawyers





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