BTM Lawyers Get Mobile

Every online study that we encounter seems to suggest that smartphones will inevitably surpass laptops, tablets, and PCs as the most common device used to access the Internet. With this in mind, Skunkworks has been working with law firms and other clients to develop mobile-optimized websites.

Although building websites with responsive design is often a great way to deal with the transition towards mobile, another option is to create websites tailored exclusively to mobile devices. This custom approach can greatly improve site navigability for users accessing online content through high-end smart phones.

Our most recent mobile clients were BTM Lawyers LLP, whose traditional website was translating poorly to mobile devices. For BTM’s new mobile site, we focused primarily on translating their navigation structure to a small user interface. The end result is a mobile website that carries the same tone as the original, but is easier to navigate on a smart phone. Additionally, we made sure to add click-to-call functionality on the majority of the mobile site’s pages. If your site is being accessed through a cellular phone, it makes sense to give potential clients as many options as possible to call your firm.

We were happy to help BTM Lawyers with the mobile optimization of their website and look forward to creating more mobile websites in the future.


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