Brownlee LLP – A New Website with a Long Tradition

Skunkworks recently had the pleasure of creating a new website for the full-service law firm Brownlee LLP. Brownlee is an Alberta-based firm with offices in both Edmonton and Calgary. The firm draws upon the skills and expertise of over 50 lawyers practicing in all areas of the law, with a specific focus on civil litigation, municipal and administrative law, and corporate commercial law.

John E. Brownlee

Archive Photo of John E. Brownlee: 5th Premier of Alberta and Founding Partner of Brownlee LLP

Designing a website for Brownlee was no easy task. Founded in the 1930s by the late John E. Brownlee – The 5th Premier of Alberta – we recognized that our design would have to marry the minimalist style of modern web design while remaining consistent with a brand that carries over 70 years of history.

To achieve this goal, we complemented a traditional colour palette reminiscent of a bespoke Savile Row suit with a pin-striped background and streamlined vertical navigation.  We also placed a distinctive trapezoidal header image at the top centre of the site, which features custom images to match the site’s different sections. This shape is a core element of Brownlee’s branding.

Brownlee LLP Home Page Screenshot

When designing the site, we balanced the firm’s depth of talent and breadth of practice areas with the visibility of individual lawyer profiles. Our experience is that the majority of law firm website visitors tend to be looking for lawyers and contact information. We wanted to make sure that clients could find lawyers as quickly as possible. Accordingly, visitors can find lawyers through an index page on the main navigation, through the site’s Google Custom Search functionality in the header, through the Lawyer Search tool above the footer on each page, or in associated with practice group pages.

The lawyer bio pages include quick links to the lawyers’ LinkedIn profiles, downloadable vCards, and printable profile sheets. These vCards, when clicked, automatically add a lawyer’s relevant information to the user’s address book. It’s a simple way of ensuring that potential clients can quickly and easily add their lawyer’s information to their digital Rolodex.

Brownlee Lawyer Bio Image

We were happy with how the site turned out and were very pleased to work with the lawyers and staff at Brownlee LLP. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to continuing to work with them on new projects. You can view their new website at


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