Lawyers and YouTube - Best Practices and Platform Updates
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Lawyers and YouTube - Best Practices and Platform Updates

Brianne Gillham, February 1, 2023

Video Marketing

Video has emerged as one of the most popular media sources available across all platforms and channels. People love videos because they are more engaging and expressive than articles and photos. In fact, the amount of video people are consuming online has doubled since 2018.

Marketing professionals are taking notice. Video has a high return on investment and major platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, are prioritizing video content and making it more accessible to users and advertisers.

This article will look at some of the best YouTube practices and how they can help lawyers professionalize their marketing strategies.

Why Is YouTube Important to Lawyers?

We can’t talk about video marketing without mentioning YouTube.

Any business can benefit from YouTube, including law firms. As a lawyer, having a video marketing strategy gives you more opportunities to promote your services and educate your clients. Importantly, YouTube can also play an essential role in your SEO strategy. Including videos on your website or YouTube channel makes your firm more likely to get in front of users searching for a lawyer or legal information, particularly those who prefer video content instead of reading a blog article.

5 Reasons Why Your Law Firms Should Be on YouTube:

  1. Engage with your clients
  2. Attracts new potential clients
  3. Make your law firm more approachable
  4. Showcase your expertise
  5. Improve your SEO ranking

Best YouTube Practices for Lawyers

  1. Learn Who Your Audience Is: Knowing your audience is central to any marketing strategy. Thus, one of the first steps before starting a YouTube strategy is to understand the following:

    • Who are you making videos for?
    • What are your potential clients watching on YouTube?

    Mapping out your client personas can help you build a successful video strategy. Once you have a detailed image of your client, you’ll be able to craft content that aligns your firm and your content with them and their needs.

  2. Optimize your videos to get views: There are several ways you can optimize your videos, some of which are:

    • Optimize your video title and description: When it comes to YouTube, video keyword research is essential. In other words, matching your video content with your potential client’s search intent is key for getting your video visible in their search results.
    • The first 15 seconds are key: The first 15 seconds are your opportunity to grab the viewer’s attention and ensure that you can keep them interested. It is important to clearly explain the topic and ensure you get straight to the point.
    • Select Your YouTube Handle Name (link to youtube handle section)
  3. Embed YouTube Videos to Your Website: Embedding lets you place a video directly into your website for users to view without having to leave to play it on another page. The goal of embedding videos is to add visual appeal and keep visitors on your website rather than leading them elsewhere. At the same time, embedded videos help to load your site faster than hosting the video on your website.

    You can learn more about how to embed a YouTube video here.

  4. Record High-Quality Videos: Keeping high-quality video content is important but don’t get intimidated! You can do a few simple things to make your videos look more professional.You can use plenty of light, clean backgrounds and video editing tools.

  5. Build a Content Strategy: Your law firm can use YouTube to discuss legal issues, highlight your firm’s involvement in the community, and engage with potential clients. Videos allow you to prove your legal knowledge and can quickly instill trust. These are some content ideas to get you started:

    • Top FAQs: Educational content can position your firm as a reliable source of knowledge. Creating short videos on FAQs can be an excellent way to help your potential clients learn more about your legal prowess.
    • Video Testimonials: Video testimonials can help potential clients create trust with your firm. It helps forge real connections between the viewer, the person in the video, and your firm. Keep these videos short and authentic.
    • Meet the Team: A meet the team video is a way to introduce your team and showcase the firm’s service offerings. This video can build stronger connections with your potential clients and showcase how you can help them.

YouTube Updates 2022

YouTube Handles

YouTube has recently announced the introduction of YouTube handles. YouTube handles are a different way to identify your YouTube channel.

Handles are unique to each channel and separate from YouTube channel names. This allows creators to establish a unique presence on YouTube. Handles look similar to the usernames you’ve seen on Twitter and Instagram. For example, @LawyersVancouver. Once created, YouTube handles include a URL (for example, youtube.com/@[handle name]).

Why are YouTube handles important?

  • Your clients can know they are connected with the right firm
  • It can be used to promote your channel
  • You can use the URL to direct people to your YouTube content easily
  • It’s the way people can find you and interact with you

All YouTube channels will have a handle. If you don’t select one by November 14, 2022, YouTube will automatically assign you one. For more information on YouTube Handles, please visit their website.

Key Takeaways on YouTube for Lawyers

YouTube is the most popular online video platform worldwide. YouTube is an excellent way for a law firm to communicate complex legal concepts, engage with clients, and demonstrate that you’re a knowledgeable, trustworthy firm that can help them.

If you are a lawyer looking to generate more leads and engage with clients, video marketing strategies are worth considering.

How to start on YouTube?

If you want to start using YouTube as part of your law firm strategy, this YouTube playbook might be helpful.