Fowler Blok, Criminal Defence Lawyers: new brand, new digs, new website.

Fowler and Blok are Criminal Defence lawyers based in Vancouver, BC. The firm, lead by Richard Fowler, Q.C. and Karin Blok, is the latest iteration of a criminal law boutique that has a 20-year history of representing clients at trial and on appeal in BC, the Yukon and the Supreme Court of Canada. The firm […]

When the internet bites…you. What to do about a bad Google review.

The practice of law often involves conflicts and disgruntled parties. Sometimes that overflows into the world of online reputation management. If you get a bad Google review, don’t panic. The first step is to investigate. Determine whether the reviewer actually has any connection with your business. If not, or the review is not based in […]

Programmatic Ads and Reputation Management – What you Need to Consider

I get the efficiencies to be gained through programmatic ads but I have never been very comfortable with this tool in the professional services context. Turns out I am not alone.   …. an online study of more than 300 senior marketing decision makers, along with perspectives from among the CMO Council’s membership…focus is on […]

Using forms on your site? Get your SSL together. Chrome to warn users of “insecure” HTTP sites.

Check your HTTP or risk scaring clients off Google Chrome is notifying site owners of “HTTP” sites that, starting October 1, 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users type text into forms on an HTTPs pages. That includes forms like: Get a Free Consultation Book Appointment Contact Us Find a […]

Who are Your Buyer Personas?

How you use the trends identified will depend on knowing as much as you can about your audience. It’s no longer about you (it actually never was), it’s about them. People do not like content that is not relevant to them. Instead, content that is personalized and based on user personas is more likely to […]

Google My Business “Posts” – Another way to showcase your content

  Google Posts are a new way for any business (including law firms) with a Google My Business account to showcase content that they want to appear on both Google search and map results. After you’ve claimed and verified your Google My Business listing (and after you’ve updated your profile), you can use the platform […]

Want your clients to feel secure? It’s time to embrace https.

Unless you want your clients and potential clients to receive a “Not secure” notice when they try to access your website, it’s time to get yourself an SSL certificate. It’s not hard and many hosting companies include one as part of their packages. Ask your web developer…sooner rather than later. This is particularly good advice […]

Disconnect between marketing and measurement still a tough nut to crack.

Two questions that consistently come up in our business are 1) How much should we spend on our marketing? and 2) How do I know it’s working (aka ROI)? The average spend on marketing for high-performance professional services firms ranges from 1-4% of gross depending on objectives. The answer to the second question is going […]


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