Feldstein Family Law Group YouTube Channel

Skunkworks client Andrew Feldstein is no stranger to the media. Andrew appears regularly through various news outlets as a leading commentator on family law matters. His firm, Feldstein Family Law Group, is itself a powerhouse in offering web-based educational legal resources to the general public. In particular, the firm’s YouTube channel offers over 67 videos […]

RDM Lawyers refreshes transit advertising campaign

This year’s transit campaign was designed to continue increasing awareness of the RDM Lawyers brand. This was achieved by visually connecting the firm’s unique office building, located at 5 Corners in Abbotsford, British Columbia, the RDM Lawyers logo, and individual lawyers including: Frank Mullally, Shelly Avram and Doug Lester, who are all long serving members […]

Grouse Mountain’s New Landmark.

Vancouverites can now test their eyesight just by gazing at the distant Grouse Mountain. The ski trail and the  lights are pretty easy to spot but there is already a feature that will require more than just a fleeting glance. It might not be easy to spot, at least from the city, but it’s up […]

Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/MySpace: Divorce Lawyers’ New Honeypots.

They’re all good for keeping in touch with your friends and family, but what happens when the fire in your relationship has been put out and the divorce lawyers step in? Prepare yourself for a nasty exposure of your dirty laundry — courtesy of the same networking sites you love so much. Now you’ll have […]

Start Saving For a Condo In Space.

Fresh from the latest Star Trek release (yes, it’s very well done), I was very excited to learn that a Canadian 12-grade student from Toronto has recently won NASA’s Space Settlement Competition, beating 875 students in his age group. Eric Yam is the first Canadian to win the award in the contest’s 16-year history. So […]

SXSWi: Web Awards 2009.

For all those delving into web design: time to check the latest leaders in the various categories as presented in WIRED. My personal favourite? We Tell Stories (digital fiction from Penguin): http://www.wetellstories.co.uk/. A sweet-and-quirky mixture of Victorian art and exquisite-yet-simple early 21 century CSS-driven web design. View all the winners: http://blog.wired.com/underwire/2009/03/sxsw-2009-web-a.html

Now You Can Read the News On Your Home Computer (If You Have One)!

A sweet blast from the past! I love the moment when the guy puts down the phone receiver on that modem thing… Those monitors remind me of the classic War Games movie with Matthew Broderick where a juvenile hacker almost started a WWIII. Isn’t it exciting to live in a time when every year you […]

Google’s New (fav)icon.

It’s not a complete change of the Internet giant’s look but hey, it’s a step into that direction anyway. Since to all designer brethren out there the Google logo – or rather, the wordmark – might seem an offense to design as such, this change might signal a better marketing for the web behemoth. The […]


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