Pay for Google Maps? What?

So, you’ve caught wind of a rumour that Google is charging money for Google Maps usage? Don’t panic! It’s not what it sounds like. You will not need to pay to view or use Google Maps as a user. But if you have an app or a website that uses Google Maps intensively, Google will […]

Google’s big “Speed Update” coming July 2018

Over the last few years Skunkworks has made a conscious effort to optimize our client websites for speed. Why? Because speed matters. And coming this July, it will matter even more as Google begins rewarding faster websites with better rankings. The why Google now considers websites in two ways. As a website visitor on a […]

“Scary sabotage” not so scary after all.

Scary sabotage warns Internet police! The CTV news story cried in its headline regarding Google Maps issues for businesses. A rather click-bait‘ey headline to be sure. The Internet police? There’s no such thing (yet), but in this case, it’s a couple of members of Google’s Local Guides community which is free for any Google Maps […]

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for regular people.

What it is. AMP is a new type of webpage code championed by Google, Bing, and other search providers that allow pages written in AMP to load in approximately one second or less. This makes for a very good user experience for your site’s visitors and makes Google happy. AMP pages are alternate versions of […]

For eight years, hackers have been able to exploit this password-stealing flaw in Joomla

via: BitDefender’s blog. For the last eight years a critical vulnerability has lurked within the code of Joomla CMS which could have allowed malicious hackers to steal every user’s login credentials – including those belonging to administrators. The serious security hole, which was patched in version 3.8 of Joomla released last week, was disclosed by […]

Cool thing of the day: Adobe Post 2.0

Tasked with creating social graphics and short on time? It might be worth checking out Adobe Post 2.0 – the latest release of Adobe Post. New features include: Custom sizes for popular social networks and auto resize (Hallelujah!) New toys in the form of filters for colours and text Language support for right to left […]


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