Smartphone Musings.

A long time ago (early 2000’s) before Google was a powerhouse and Apple was a mass market media darling there were two major players in smartphones – Microsoft and Blackberry (Ok, maybe Palm to a certain degree as well). They had the marketplace covered and produced solid smartphones which had quite a few of the […]

Google > Microsoft ?

Are Google the next Microsoft? It’s certainly looking more and more likely as they make monthly inroads on our computers and phones with fast/free apps which take advantage of the Internet’s abilities. We have Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Video, Google Chrome, Google Android, Google Docs, Gmail and of course, how could we forget their […]

The Netbook Revolution.

I’m a self-admitted tech junkie. I spend time each day checking the sites/blogs for what’s hot and what’s not in the beautiful world of technology. It seems the biggest thing these days are ‘netbooks’ which are basically fully functioning computers but in smaller, more manageable sizes. These netbooks are usually under 2-3 pounds and about […]

Adbusting – German Style.

Over the past decade Adbusting has become an art form unto itself. And once again, the Germans are at the forefront of yet another cool new medium. There’s now magazines, websites and books geared towards various forms of Adbusting. ‘Subvertising’ or ‘Adbusting’ refers to the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political […]

Linotype FontExplorer X

If you dabble in design to any degree then you know the frustration of font management. Using the traditional methods provided by either the Windows OS or Mac OS just don’t cut it when you start to acquire a plethora of fonts in all shapes and styles. Linotype offer a fully functional version of FontExplorer […]


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