Attention all lawyers: don’t let your visual content end up on the cutting room floor.

Working at Skunkworks Creative Group allows me to witness the breadth of knowledge involved in a blog post. At the same time, my observation has been that, more often than not, the majority of lawyers and others in the legal field deal primarily with the printed word. Leaving little to no room to utilize visuals in their blog content or on social media posts.

At Skunkworks, we try to incorporate our creative talent for visual illustration, infographic design, and photography alongside legal information. This adds another layer to what is being published out there on the interweb.

Read this article for an in-depth look into WHY visual storytelling is a vital tool in legal marketing.


So it’s natural that some of us would overlook visuals in our marketing content and social media, whether it’s a photo, illustration, infographic or chart. But if you resolve to make just one change in your approach to content, let it be to tap the power of visuals.

Source: Attorney at Work


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