Are Law Firm Mergers Cost-Efficient? One Article, Two Views

The BC legal market has mergers on its mind this month following Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP’s announced hookup with Norton Rose Fulbright. Business in Vancouver has a timely article on the topic (fortified with a duly alarmist headline – “Could mergers sound death knell for regional law firms?”).

You can find the link to the full article below, but what caught my eye was the up is down/down is up contradiction in the quotes of two high-profile local managing partners when it came to the always important question of cost efficiency in law firm operations. First up, Bull Housser’s Janet Grove on merger-related benefits:

Merging will also streamline costs and make the firm’s operations more efficient, she said.”

Now compare that with the statement from James Speakman, managing partner of another Vancouver flagship firm, Clark Wilson LLP, who currently remain steadfastly independent:

“Speakman said one advantage of operating independently is that the firm can save operational costs. “

Curiouser and curiouser, as they say. . .

She said merging the 126-year-old BHT with NRF will make legal work more seamless for clients who have national or international business. Merging will also streamline costs and make the firm’s operation more efficient, she said.

Source: Business in Vancouver



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