Adbusting – German Style.

Chris Botting

Over the past decade Adbusting has become an art form unto itself. And once again, the Germans are at the forefront of yet another cool new medium. There’s now magazines, websites and books geared towards various forms of Adbusting.

‘Subvertising’ or ‘Adbusting’ refers to the practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate and political advertisements in order to make a statement.

We love advertising (especially the really good and really bad) but even we have to admit it’sĀ gone a bit overboard at timesĀ – just check out your local bathroom and no doubt you’ll find LCD screens peppering you with the latest mens/womans fragrance or hip new jeans.

Sometimes people just want to fight back a bit – and this time they used the designers tool of choice (photoshop) to make a statement.


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