A Client Relations Refresher

It is somehow very jarring to see or hear one’s own name misspelled, mispronounced or otherwise mangled. With a last name like Jasinski, I know this all too well. However, I was reminded of this small, obvious but nevertheless important point again this past weekend while reading a post on Kevin O’Keefe’s blog. As mentioned here recently, Kevin O’Keefe will be joining us here in Vancouver this Thursday, as part of a legal blogging panel seminar I will be moderating for the LMA Vancouver chapter. Somehow, in a rushed moment last week while I was posting the event details on the LMA chapter website, I inadvertently renamed Kevin O’Keefe as Kevin O’Neill. As it happens, Kevin O’Neill is a terrific lawyer here in Vancouver that I know from the early part of my legal career, and not the legal blogging guru to whom I meant to refer.
If you make this kind of mistake with a new client prospect you are typically headed for an awkward start in your bid to win his or her work. If you make this kind of mistake with a blogger who is as widely read as Kevin is, you get to wear a little egg on your face in the blogosphere for a day or two. Lesson learned. Once again, my apologies to Kevin for the mixup and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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