25 Terminal Tips Every Mac User Should Know.

Cintia Stela

I have recently come across a very interesting article from Mac|Life about the Terminal – Apple’s MS-DOS kind of thing – and I finally felt a little bit less dummy regarding this built-in command-line application.

The tips that stroke me the most:

5. Make All Links In Safari Open As New Tabs

7. Show Hidden Files in The Finder

8. Change The File Format For Screenshots

9. Disable the Dashboard

10. Compress And Password-protect A File or Folder

11. Fix File Permissions

12. Securely Erase Free Space On Your Dard Drive

19.  Compare The Differences Between Two Text Files

22. Backup In A Snap

25.  Snap superior screenshots

Click here to read the full article and find out how to pull off these useful tricks using the Terminal.

And don’t forget to leave a comment with your impressions in case you give them a try!

That’s all folks!


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