Lawyers for the Journey Ahead – KMSC Law LLP’s New Brand & Website

Lawyers for the Journey Ahead – The New Brand Buying a house. Having children. Recovering from an injury. Losing your job. Starting a business. Planning for the inevitable. These are some of the milestones along the journeys that make up our lives. Big or small, good or bad, these moments are when we need practical […]

“Scary sabotage” not so scary after all.

Scary sabotage warns Internet police! The CTV news story cried in its headline regarding Google Maps issues for businesses. A rather click-bait‘ey headline to be sure. The Internet police? There’s no such thing (yet), but in this case, it’s a couple of members of Google’s Local Guides community which is free for any Google Maps […]

Skunkworks Welcomes Lori Pinkowski & Pinkowski Wealth Management To Client Roster

Skunkworks welcomes Lori Pinkowski of Pinkowski Wealth Management as a client of the agency. Lori is the founding partner of Pinkowski Wealth Management. Based in downtown Vancouver, Lori brings over 17 years of experience as a Senior Portfolio Manager and Senior Vice President to her role. Pinkowski Wealth Management provides conservative wealth management and financial […]


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