Ontario’s Legal Marketing Rules in Brief — Updated for 2017

Skunkworks works with law firms and legal institutions in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. In order to properly serve our clients in these various provinces, we have to stay up to date on each province’s legal marketing rules. In the past, we’ve posted blog entries discussing both BC and Alberta’s legal marketing rules. In this post, […]

Alberta’s Legal Marketing Rules in Brief — Updated for 2017

Skunkworks works with law firms and legal institutions in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. Following my colleague’s post on BC’s legal marketing rules, we will be offering similar summaries of legal marketing rules for our clients across the country. In this post, the focus will be legal marketing in the Province of Alberta, where professional conduct […]

A Quick Refresher on BC’s Legal Marketing Rules — Updated for 2017

With the relaunch of the Law Society of British Columbia’s website, we wanted to take this opportunity to review Rule 4.2 of Chapter 4 of the Professional Conduct Handbook: Marketing of Legal Services.  These rules have become increasingly permissive; so much so that many lawyers now forget the rules exist. Rule 4.2 Let’s have a […]

TaylorandBlair.com — Functional, Fast, and Modern

Taylor & Blair is a Vancouver-based personal injury law firm founded in 1993 by Graham Taylor and Kevin Blair. Skunkworks built the firm’s last website in 2006 and it served the firm well for over 10 years, or nearly a century in “web years.” The firm has 6 offices in the Lower Mainland, with most […]

Preventing Law Firm Identity Theft

Fake law firms are on the rise… While no one domain name extension can be completely immune to scammers or solve the problem of website fraud, one thought to help minimize the risk to consumers is to ensure that certain verification and transparency safeguards are put in place for legal services websites. While such safeguards […]

Metrics and Marketing ROI

Qamar Anwar makes a good point about the importance of data as the foundation of marketing. While it’s fair play to call out marketers who are not engaging in data analysis to inform future marketing efforts, I do have two quibbles.  First, data on its own (whether from Google or social media platforms) are not […]


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