Should Canadian Law Schools Specialize?

Interesting article in the Financial Post discussing the trend towards law schools in Canada specializing in certain niches – First Nations, Energy, et al. The trend is already well underway and perhaps already beyond the point of no return at this stage, but it raises the question for me of how well students entering law […]

Bad Idea Of The Day: Forging A Judge’s Signature To Improve Your Company’s SEO

According to reports in the Washington Post, Vice, and other media outlets, a jewelry company executive named Michael Arnstein filed a lawsuit to have allegedly defamatory online criticisms about his company de-indexed from Google listings and was successful in obtaining a court order to that effect. Google then dutifully removed the offending URLS listed in […]

Applying “Make Logo Bigger Cream” and Other Ways to Sabotage Your Relationship with your Creative Team

So, you’ve hired an agency to overhaul your website (or build you one from scratch). How do you get the most out of the relationship? This article, courtesy of the Icon Design Lab blog, provides some great tips that will help you communicate and work with your design team efficiently and effectively. If you have […]

Social Media Rules and Legal Marketing Rules

Clio’s blog post is handy, but the Don’ts section should start with a directive to lawyers to “check the legal marketing rules applicable in your jurisdiction.” I can’t tell you how many times I see lawyers and law firms who breach the rules. This is usually because the marketing companies they have hired haven’t got […]


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