How to convince your firm to invest in your professional development.

It’s a tough slog out there for new lawyers. Lately, I’ve met with a number of young lawyers who are either looking for articles or ways to enhance their value at their current firms. My response always includes encouraging them to demonstrate how they can be an asset to business development efforts. One thing they […]

Client Alerts: Short and Sweet

I agree with the author. We are bombarded with an avalanche of information every day. If client alerts are part of your overall marketing strategy then they need to be broadcast in a way that a) catches your client’s attention and b) explains why they should care. “This is what happened”; paragraph two: “This is […]

Don’t Risk Irrelevance…Just Don’t.

I had to chuckle at Stephen Fairley’s description of the classic pairing, i.e., lawyers with really bad websites tend to be those who think online marketing is a waste of time and money…funny how that synergy works. To Stephen’s comments, I would add…and, they also tend to be the lawyers who refuse to invest adequate […]


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