Legal Content for the Non-Legal Mind

Content is king. We all know that. But more often than not the number of times that you’re research has left you confused rather than confident about the choice you’re going to make, is one too many. We need to employ a layman’s perspective to shape legal content to increase reader comprehension. After all, how […]

Attention all lawyers: don’t let your visual content end up on the cutting room floor.

Working at Skunkworks Creative Group allows me to witness the breadth of knowledge involved in a blog post. At the same time, my observation has been that, more often than not, the majority of lawyers and others in the legal field deal primarily with the printed word. Leaving little to no room to utilize visuals […]

Client News: December Holiday 2016 Edition

DECEMBER DIGITAL DESIGN December is here, which means two things, busy clients and the anticipation of holiday festivities. While each month in 2016 has offered up exciting challenges and design work, we’re happy to cap off the year with three website redesign launches. Two out of the three website redesigns feature a cinemagraph, which is […]


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