Online Magnetism 101: Helping the Perfect Client Find You.

Dan Lear’s article provides some valuable, practical starting points for developing an online persona for your firm and your professionals that will attract the kind of clients you want. I liked the emphasis on taking the necessary time to define your ideal client as well as planning and educating prospects while showing off your subject […]

Know thy memes or how to avoid getting flamed on social.

Keith Ecker at Jaffe Associates underscores the importance of reviewing digital marketing materials for double or hidden meanings. While the internet is a powerful social communication tool, one could argue that it hasn’t done much to improve the manners (or compassion) of the participants in the millions of conversations that take place each day. The […]

Rise Women’s Legal Clinic Rising To The Challenge

insert story here But funding, which comes from UBC and an anonymous private donor, isn’t enough to clear the backlogged waitlist. The centre so far gets no funding from government or legal aid. It also relies on donations from a growing list of B.C. lawyers who know all too well the limits to current legal […]

Not all lawyers practice law their entire lives

People have frequently asked me over the last 15 years how a lawyer ended up started a marketing company. Holman Wang is a former teacher and sometimes lawyer. He and his twin brother, Jack, are the authors and illustrators of the popular board book series Cozy Classics and Star Wars Epic Yarns, which abridge beloved […]


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